Service stairs

TEC Hünert service stairs have proven themselves over 30 years in many countries as reliable and functional items of ground support equipment. During turnaround (total time from parking (after landing) to clearance for take-off) the various tasks involved are carried out concurrently. To guarantee a safe and disruption-free work flow, well thought through and structurally stable products with simple operation and safety are required. The service stairs guarantee comfortable, rapid and safe entry to / exit from aircraft for aircraft and airport staff on the airport apron. These stairs too can be extended optionally, for example with lighting or with hydraulic controls for the platform height. The design is adapted in each case so that the stairs can be docked at the door of various aircraft types with differing door heights from the ground.

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Tec Huenert at the Airport Show, Dubai 2016

TEC Huenert will be exhibiting at Airport Show Dubai, 9th - 11th May 2016.