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With professional competence of a high order and flexibility over 30 years of experience in design and production TEC Hünert has been developing customised solutions for airports, aircraft and the automotive industry – from the initial idea to product development and finally to design, production and SPS programming.


Airport ground support equipment like passenger and maintenance stairs, supply or waste disposal vehicles, freight vehicles but also equipment, transport vehicles and jigs and fixtures for aircraft and automobile manufacture belong to our product range. Special requirements and customer wishes can all times be fulfilled efficiently thanks to our extensive know-how kept up-to-date at all times by continual vocational training. As a result innovative products like the first rescue ladder for airport fire services in Europe that we developed also for large aircrafts like the Airbus A 380.


All solutions are of the highest utility and cost-efficiency and meet accepted technological and IATA standards.




Development projects for special-purpose machines and equipment


Rump transport vehicle

Development and production: c. 4000 hrs

Customer: Airbus Germany


ESAO platform

Development and production: c. 2000 hrs

Customer: Airbus Germany


Work platforms for aircraft final assembly

Development and production

Customer: Airbus Germany


Transport vehicle for equipment components,

DESY [German Electronic Synchrotron]

Development and production: c. 5000 hrs

Customer: DESY Hamburg


Handicap transport vehicle

Development and production: c. 3000 hrs

Customer: Fraport (Airport) Frankfurt


Rescue Vehicles

Development and production: c. 3000 hrs

Customer: Fraport Frankfurt · Flughafenfeuerwehr (airport fire service)


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